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Potato and Sweet Pea Salad Recipes

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Potato and Sweet Pea Salad Recipes. Different taste, worth with a try.


Ingredients. SERVES 8

400g sweet pea

500g potatoes, cut into wedges

1 onion, shredded

200ml olive oil

80ml white wine vinegar

salt and black pepper to taste

scallion, finely chopped

some balck olive

some cheese powder


1.Discardthe fiber of sweet pea. Rinse and blanch. Rinse in running water. Cool.

2.Rinse the potatoes (Do not peel). Boil for 20 minutes. Cool and cut into wedges.

3. Heat the frying pan with olive oil. Saute the shredded onion. Add white wine vinegar,

    salt and peer. Stir. Put into salad bowl.

4. Add sweet pea, potato wedges and chopped scallion into the salad bowl. Toss well.

    Add black olives and sprinkle cheese powder on top. Serve.


Black olive is one of the commo salad ingredients. It could be found in supermarkets.


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