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Braised lamb shanks

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Braised lamb shanks

12   lamb shanks
     salt and pepper
1    cup potato starch
1    cup each, fine chopped carrots,
     onions and celery
1    large can tomatoes, seeded and
     chopped, plus juice
1    tsp. each thyme, mint and chervil
1    bay leaf
6    parsley stems
2    cups red wine
6    anchovy fillets
1    whole head garlic, cut in half cross-wise

     Combine potato starch, salt and pepper in a
plastic bag.  Shake lamb shanks, a few at a
time, in the bag until lightly coated with the
seasoned starch.  Heat fat in a heavy skillet.
Brown shanks and remove to a roasting pan.
Add carrots, onions and celery to the skillet
and saute until barely brown.  Add remaining
ingredients.  Cover and simmer for 1 hour.
Pour sauce over shanks and place in a 325
degree oven, cover and roast for 2 hours or
until shanks are tender.  Remove lamb from
the pan, strain sauce, correct seasonings and
refrigerate for several hours until fat rises
to the top and can be removed.  An hour
before serving, put shanks and sauce back
into the oven and heat at 325 degrees for 1
hour.  This sauce can be great poured over
the potato kugel as well as the lamb.

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