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Spiced Meat Balls ( Sweet and Sour ) with Egg Noodles Recipes

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Spiced Meat Balls ( Sweet and Sour ) with Egg Noodles Recipes 

Ingredients. SERVES 4 - 6

500 grams lean ground beef
3 strips bacon, diced
2 eggs
70ml (or 1/4 cup) bread crumbs
70ml (or 1/4 cup) milk
10ml cloves, ground
12 pieces cloves, whole 
10ml cardamom
10ml nutmeg
10ml allspice
10ml black pepper
20ml ginger
3 sticks cinnamon
50ml vegetable oil 
75ml vinegar, white
4 - 5 bay leaves
200g brown sugar
50ml flour
20ml Worcestershire sauce
150ml Orange-ginger sauce
250ml water
150 - 250ml red wine


1. Make the meat-balls by combining together: the ground beef, the eggs, bread crumbs,
    milk, ground cloves, cardamom, nutmeg, allspice, and black pepper.

2. In a wok or skillet, sauté the meat-balls and the bacon together in the vegetable oil;
   and when well browned, remove and drain.

3. To the juices (after draining any excess fat), add: the ginger, brown sugar, cinnamon
   sticks, bay leaves, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, Orange Ginger sauce, and water,
   stirring and mixing well; and then restore the meat-balls to this sauce.

4. Simmer for one hour.

5. Mix the flour with sufficient water to make gravy, and add to the meat-ball dish.

6. Add the wine

7. Serve with flat, buttered egg noodles.

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