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Capellini with Peppers, Tomato, & Prosciutto Recipes

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Capellini with Peppers, Tomato, & Prosciutto (Belgium)Recipes

Following this rule, its full flavour will be attained and it is best digested. To taste pasta at its best, just follow these simple guidelines and cooking times:

Pour a generous amount of water (1 liter per 100 grams of pasta) into the pot and put on the heat.
Add salt (10 grams per liter of water).

When the water begins to boil, add the pasta to the pot.

Let the water return to a boil, stirring the pasta from time to time, cooking it per the “boiling time” displayed on the pasta label.

Use a colander to drain the pasta, and then put the pasta on a plate. Add your favourite sauce, mix well and serve hot.

Ingredietns. SERVES 2-3

250 grams capellini
150 grams  prosciutto,diced
1 red pepper
1 green pepper
1 carrot
30 grams pine nuts
3  tomatoes,peeled and chopped
150 grams grated cheese
Pinch of paprika powder
Pepper and salt to taste
Butter or margarine


1. Clean or peel the peppers, tomatoes, and carrot and cut them into small pieces.

2. Heat the butter in the pan over low heat and sauté the pine nuts gently until light brown.
    Then add the pieces of carrot, peppers and proscuitto, turn heat to medium and simmer
    until all begins to brown. Add the tomatoes and simmer until tomatoes begin to break down.

3. Season the mix with pepper, salt and paprika powder. In the meantime, cook the pasta per
    the package instructions. Toss the pasta and sauce and sprinkle with the grated cheese.

4. Serve hot.

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