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Tricolor Fusilli Salad Recipes

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Tricolor Fusilli Salad Recipes.Delicious and Tasty.Easy and Quick.


Ingredients. SERVES 4

320g tricolor fusilli

32 fresh mushrooms, finely chopped

10 fresh button mushrooms, finely chopped

4 red chilli peppers, deseed and finely chopped

1 clove garlic, quartered

1/2 spring celery, finely chopped

8 tbsp olive oil

pinch of crushed black pepper


black pepper to taste

salt to taste


1. Cook the tricolor fusilli to suitable hardness (not too soft). Drain. Sprinkle salt and

     black pepper. Set aside and let cool.

2. Heat frying pan with olive oil. Saute garlic, chopped mushrooms, chopped button

    mushrooms and chopped red chilli pepper. Add seasonings and stir fry until done.

    Set aside and let cool.

3. Mix well fried ingredients with chopped celery and tricolor fusilli. Sprinkle some crushed

    black pepper on top. Serve.


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