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Crab Roe Spaghetti Salad Recipes

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Crab Roe Spaghetti Salad Recipes.Special tasty, worth with a try.


Ingredients. SERVES 4

500g (1 pack) spaghetti

3/4 cabbage, shredded

6 crab sticks, shredded

80g sweet corn , drained

100g carrot, shredded

150g mayonnaise

50g crab roe


salt to taste

crushed black pepper to taste


1. Boil the spaghetti in salt water. Drain. Season with salt and crushed black pepper. Let cool.

2. Shred and boil the cabbage. Drain and set aside.

3. Combine and mix teh mayonnaise with shredded cabbage, crab sticks, sweet corn and carrot

     to make salad.

4. Combine and mix the salad with spaghetti. Spread crab roe on top. Serve.

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