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Bacon Omelette Recipes

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Bacon Omelette Recipes--A lightened version of that cholesterol laden favorite,

Serving Size: 8
Cuisine: American
Main Ingredient: Eggs
Categories: Diabetic, Low Carb, Low Fat, Simple - Easy, Brunch

-= Ingredients =-
20 strips Low Sodium Bacon ; - thin sliced
8 medium Eggs
2 cup Egg substitute
1 teaspoon 1% milk ; -or skim if you must.
2 cup Broccoli slaw
2 cup Green onions ; sliced fine
2 cup Cilantro ; -rough chopped
~~ -- PAN SPRAY -- ~~
3 cups Salsa ; - your choice

-= Instructions =-
Broil the bacon strips, turning once. When nicely browned and crisp drain on paper towel to remove any surface fat.  Set aside. You could use Turkey bacon to reduce the fat a bit more but the taste will suffer a bit.  Mix together the eggs, egg substitute, and milk. Add a dash of fresh ground black peppr if you like. Spray a small omelette pan with non-stick and heat it up. Pour 1/4 of the egg mixture into the pan.  Swirl it around to spread it thinly but evenly across the bottom. Allow it to cook intil the top is just starting to look "done".  Fill the omelette with 1 strip of bacon, some broccoli and cilantro.

Loosen the edges of the omlet and gently place your spatula under one edge. Tilt the pan sharply and fold the omelette in half, or roll it up if folding isn't your style. Cook about one additional minute and turn the omlet out onto a plate.

Place a tablespoon of salsa in a line down the length of the omelette. Garnish with a scattering of vegetables, and 1/4 strip of bacon.  Normal Serving is 2 omelette or 1 larger "2 egg" omelette if you prefer.

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