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Artichoke omelet recipes

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Artichoke omelet

2    tbsp. butter
3    cooked artichoke hearts, diced
     equal amounts of diced,
     cooked mushrooms
2    tbsp. tomato sauce
     dash of cayenne
1/2  garlic clove
8    eggs
1    small can flat anchovy fillets
     salt and pepper

     In 1 tablespoon butter, lightly saute
artichokes and mushrooms.  Add tomato sauce
and seasonings, mix well and set aside in
warm place.  Rub bowl with garlic.  Break
eggs into bowl and beat with fork.  Cook omelet
as usual in remaining 1 tablespoon butter.
When omelet is cooked, top with artichoke
mixture and fold over.  Garnish with
anchovies.  Serves 4.

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