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Mango grape Dessert Recipes

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 2 cups seedless grapes in California, all two halves

  2 ripe mango, peeled, to nuclear, cut into the box (without mangoes, may also use other seasonal fruits, such as peaches, papaya)

  1 / 4 cup chopped onion

  2 tablespoons chopped fresh large coriander (coriander) leaves

  2 large spoons fresh acid orange juice

  1 Mexico pepper, chopped Quzi

  1 / 2 teaspoon salt
All Ingredients used in a fully mixing bowl with cling film sealed refrigerator in abeyance.

Consumption recommendations:

Do snack food, which may be included corn flakes, but also with chicken, grilled fish or roast pork with water.


Each containing: 66 calories, 1 g protein, fat <1 g (5% calories from fat), 17 grams carbohydrates, no cholesterol, cellulose 1.5 g, sodium 148 mg

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