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Almond Cream Peaches Recipes

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Almond Cream Peaches Recipes.Sweet and Tasty. A good choice for your dessert.


Ingredients. SERVES 8

8 halved cn peaches

3 strawberries, quartered

1/2 pack whipping cream

30g almond slices


1. Bake the almond slices in oven until crispy.

2. Pat dry the halved peaches with kitchen towel. Cut and level the bottom part to make containers.

3. Beat the whipping cream in a bowl with an electric mixer until cream thickens.

4. Spoon suitable amount of cream onto each peach. Garnish with strawberry slice and almond

      slices. Serve.


Beat cream with electric                                             Put cream, strawberry and

mixer until thickens.                                                     almond on halved peach.


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