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Secrets for Kitchen Cooking

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Here are some kitchen Secrets for your cooking:

Always have a SHARP knife

Never crowd your pasta in a pot

Always spend a little more for the good appliances
(blender, mixer, pots and pans) unless they are on sale. You want them to last and you dont want them to become obsolete quickly

Fill your ice trays with warm water and they dont get cloudy

Dont use soap on wooden spoons

Microwaves are good for warming, melting defrosting but NEVER cooking

Those little gadgets that save you time and money... dont always save you time and money

Try to always use fresh garlic

Add seasonings and marinades to your meats before you freeze them... then they marinade while freezing and when defrosting.

Fish and milk do NOT mix.
Free water comes out of the shiny sink thingy if you turn the knobs.
Sugar and salt are VERY hard to tell apart, keep them away from each other.
Keep everything in your kitchen. Cravings are a part of everyday life.

boil half a lemon with herbs, garlic, salt & pepper then pour inside a whole chicken before roasting will keep it very moist and the flavor from the stuff inside will cook into the meat. Try it, you won't regret it.

When you make meringue for pie add a little cream of tarter about 1/4 tsp along with the sugar when you beat the egg whites The meringue will hold its peaks and makes a good meringue.

Also spices are the secret of a good cook. experiment and you will see what I mean......

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