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Juicer for cherry pits and pomegranate seeds

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Cooking Tips Question:I'm wondering about cherry pits and pomegranate seeds when you are juicing, are they ok to put in whole or do you remove the seeds first, It will be hard to remove the pomegranate seeds, but what about the cherry? Anyone know?...thanks

1.I have one.I would remove the cherry pit but not the pomegranate seeds.The seeds are small there okay.Just like the apple.I put the whole thing in. Have fun juiceing.

2.You need to remove the seeds or it may hurt your juicer. It will also make your juice bitter if you leave the seeds in.

3.You can get a tool for removing olive pits which could use for cherries.
It is like a pair of tongs, with an eye on one end and a punch on the other, and it just pushes the pit through the hole.

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