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Hazelnut Snacks Recipes

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Hazelnut Snacks Recipes

It's kind of mould-cut cookies. A firmer dough is rooled between two plastic warps into a thin dough.Then cut it with cookie cutters into the desired shape (the dough sometimes needs to be refrigerated).After baked and cooled, it can be decorated with glaze or royal icing which can be tinted with desired food colouring.



(A) 250g butter, 120g sugar, pinch of salt

(B) 1 egg white

(C) 380g flour, 1tbsp milk powder

(D) 70g ground hazelnuts

(E) some hazelnuts,some coffee glaze icing, some coffee cream


1.Cream (A) lightly. Then add in (B) and cream till smooth.

2.Add in the sieved (C) and (D) and mix till well blended.

3.Refrigerate for 30 minutes or till firm and become dough.

4.Roll out the dough in between 2 sheets of greaseproof paper to a 5mm thickness.

5.Cut it with 5cm round cutter and place it into the greased pan.

6.Bake at 175 degree for 20 minutes or till golden brwon.

7.Let it cool and then coat it with coffee glaze icing. Top with one hazelnut. Let the cookies stand for 15 minutes until icing sets completely, this is the top piece.

8.Sperad some coffee cream on an uncoated cookie (which will be the bottom). Then top it with the piece with coffee glaze icing. Serve. (Refer to methods for making coffee glaze icing and coffee cream)


You can coat the top piece with melted chocolate and spread melted chocolate between the cookies. Chocolate coated sandwishes can be kept for 1 month.

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