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Gingerbread Recipes

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Gingerbread Recipes

It's kind of mould-cut cookies. A firmer dough is rooled between two plastic warps into a thin dough.Then cut it with cookie cutters into the desired shape (the dough sometimes needs to be refrigerated).After baked and cooled, it can be decorated with glaze or royal icing which can be tinted with desired food colouring.



(A) 60g butter, 100g sugar , pinc of salt

(B) 1 egg

(C) 170g golden syrup

(D) 460g flour, 2 tsps ginger powder, 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder, 1 tsp baking soda

Royal Icing (*Refer to method for making Royal Icing)


1.Mix (A) till well combined and then add in (B). Cream till smooth.

2.Add in (C) then (D) and mix till well blended.

3.Let it rest for 15 minutes. Then roll it to a 3mm thickness and cut it into the required shape.

4.Bake at 180 degree for 15 minutes.

5.When it becomes cool, decoreate with royal icing.


Golden syrup can be replaced with honey.

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