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Fingers Recipes

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Fingers Recipes

It's kind of  piped cookies. The cookie dough is squeezed through a soft pipe with star or plain nozzle into different shapes and patterns. Or simply press the dough using a cookie press. Normally the dough is creamed till light and fluffy but over-creaming loses the ridge and trough pattern due to expansion.



(A) 3 egg yolk, 10g sugar

(B) 3 egg whites

(C) 70g sugar

(D) 70g flour, 20g cornflour

(E) some icing sugar


1.Whip (A) till light and thick.

2.Whip (B) till soft peaks. Add in (C) and continue to whip till stiff.

3.Mix the egg white mixture with (A) till well blended.

4.Fold in sieved (D) and mix till well combined.

5.Pipe into finger shape on the lined pan and dust it with (E).

6.Bake at 200 degree on teh middle rack for 10 minutes till cresp.


The egg white and sugar must be whipped till stiff, if it is too soft, the fingers will look flat.

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