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Choco rum pie recipes

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Choco rum pie

1    baked pie shell
1/2  cup butter
3/4  cup sugar
2    squares unsweetened chocolate,
     melted and cooled
1    tsp. vanilla
2    eggs
1    pkg. vanilla instant pudding
1/4  tsp. rum flavoring
1    cup whipped cream
     half and half

     Cream butter, gradually add sugar,
creaming well.  Stir in the cooled chocolate
and vanilla.  Beat in eggs, one at a time, until
mixture is creamy and light.  Spoon mixture
into baked pie shell and chill for 1 hour.  In
the meantime, prepare pudding mix, but
substitute the half and half for the milk called
for on the package.  Add the flavoring.  Spoon
into pie shell on top of the chocolate mixture.
To serve, swirl whipped cream on top and
garnish with chocolate curls.  Sprinkle with
fine chopped nuts or coconut if desired.

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