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steamed rice wine chicken mushroom

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steamed rice wine chicken mushrooms
enticing color, flavor unique. After the cooked mushrooms, sweet soft cup, importers or financial, well, then it does not even have wings? Delicious, even with meat sauce, Sandaiwan series can file a meal. Used : 6 scallions wings flap a little rice wine 1 T. garlic 6 (15 ml) 1 T. black (15 ml) salt 2 Duo mushrooms 3 teaspoon (10g), pepper, oil suitable approach : 1. chopped peeled garlic, mushrooms, cut in pieces 1 stimulation. 2. Use rice wine, black, pepper, cheese and salted system for 20 minutes. 3. Remove the oil into the earth, the fiery pot, garlic oil properly when broken up, blasting to golden yellow. 4. Add a few chicken stir-fry, plus a small amount of water placed in mushrooms, and with about 10 minutes to cook. 5. Cover and 0.72% respectively, serving 10 minutes after the sauce is reduced to half a cup, then distribute the points like scallions in it.
Tips : 1. Independence of garlic so many related dishes the most appropriate, but peeling easy and lazy to prepare garlic independence. 2. Beer can be used to replace rice wine

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