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Two-colored Omelet Recipes

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2-2/3oz (75g) carrot strips
2-2/3oz (75g) cucumber strips
2 T chopped green onion

2 cup. broth
1 t. soy sauce
1-1/2 t. cornstarch

1/4 lb (100g) bamboo shoot strips (cooked)
1/4 lb (100g) green pepper strips
1/3oz (10g) red pepper strips

1 t. cooking wine
1/2 salt
1/2 sesame oil
1 t. cornstarch
2 T. water

2 T. vegetable oil
3 eggs
1/4 t. salt

Beat eggs in a bowl, add (1) and salt, and mix well.
Heat oil, spread it evenly by gently shaking the wok, and then pour the egg mixture in. Fry it with low heat until the egg cake is golden, then remove it.
Mix (2) and cook it until it bcomes thick, and then pour it over the omelet and serve. 

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