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White Chili Recipes

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White Chili
PORTIONS: about 6 eight ounce servings
1 roasted chicken
6 C water
1 pale stalk celery with leaves, coarsely chopped
2 dried cayenne peppers with seeds, split
1 t mustard seeds
1 t dill seeds
1 t white peppercorns
2 cubes of chicken bullion (optional)
2 T margarine or butter
1 large onion, chopped fine
1 garlic clove, minced
3 C chicken stock
coarsely chopped white meat of chicken
1 T fresh basil, chopped
pinch ground cloves, crushed
pinch coriander seeds crushed
2 cans great northern beans, undrained
1 tomato, chopped, for garnish
Remove chicken white meat from carcass and reserve. Boil down chicken
bones and skin (without skin might be whiter) in 6 C water seasoned with
pale inner celery stalk with leave, 2 dried cayenne peppers, split with
seeds, 1 t mustard seeds, 1 t dill seeds, and white peppercorns and 2
cubes of chicken bullion (optional). Simmer 2-3 hours. Strain out and
discard solid matter.
In dutch oven, sauté onion and garlic in margarine or butter until
translucent. Do not brown. Stir in chicken meat pieces and 3 C stock.
Add chopped basil. Add crushed cloves and 1 t crushed coriander seeds
and beans, undrained. Heat to boiling; reduce to simmer covered for one
hour. Stir occasionally. Mix individual servings with 2 T sour cream or
2 T plain yogurt. Garnish with chopped tomato.
NOTE: I can't decide whether I like the sour cream better than the plain
yogurt as a whitener. If I had some plain white rice, I might add that,
too, just to get the complete protein. I have a habit of splashing some
hot sauce into the stew. I choose something not too dark, like yellow
scotch bonnet sauce. My wife's out of town this week and I will
certainly live well with this dish. I hope the same for you and yours.
Time now for Yankees vs. the former St. Louis Browns and white chili.

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