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Texas Lava Chili Recipes

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Texas Lava Chili
WARNING! Two of the ingredients are not allowed on Scout events and
should be dropped from the recipe in those cases.. I am only copying the
recipe from another source so will post it in it's entirety.
Texas "Lava" Chili Yields 12 Servings w/non Scouting ingredients (Please
do not include these when cooking for Scouts, on a Scout Campout,
Camporee etc)
4 Lb Boneless Sirloin Roast
2 Lb Boneless Venison Roast
6 Green Jalapeno Peppers Seeded & Diced (or sub your own kind)
2 Cups Lone Star Beer (not for Scout outings)
1 Cup Sour Mash Bourbon (not for Scout outings)
1/2 Cup Regular Coca Cola
2 Tbls Tabasco Sauce
4 Medium Onions, Chopped Coarse
1 1/2 Cups Tomato Paste
5 Cloves Garlic, Minced
1 Tbls Cayenne Flakes
2 Cups Tomato Sauce
1 tsp Allspice
1 Tbls Cumin, Ground
1 Cup Green Bell Pepper, Cored & Seeded & Chopped
2 Tbls Fresh Cilantro, Chopped
2 Tbls Cumin, Ground
1 Cup Red Bell Pepper, Cored Seeded & Chopped
2 Tbls Peanut Oil
1 Tbls Cumin, Ground
6 Ancho Peppers, Dried & Chopped
Cut all the meat into 1/4 " cubes. Put the peanut oil in a large, cast
iron pot. Heat over medium high heat. Add the onions, garlic, meat cubes
and the first measure of cumin. Cook until the meat is browned. Add the
tomato sauce, beer, bourbon, Coca-Cola, chile peppers, Tabasco, cayenne,
allspice, cilantro and second measure of cumin. Cover. Cook over low
heat for 45 minutes, stirring often. Uncover. Cook for another 20
minutes. Stir in the third measure of cumin. Serve.
-- Thanks to Don Houston, from the Chile-Heads Recipe Collection

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