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Eight Bean Chili Recipes

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Eight Bean Chili
1/4lb of each of the following dry beans;
kidney, white, pink, black, red, pinto, cranberry and navy.
1lb hot pork sausage
5lbs ground beef
5 large onions, chopped
1 jar minced garlic
1/4c coriander
1/4c cinnamon
1/4c paprika
1/4c cayenne pepper
1/2c dried red peppers
1 gallon can Italian plum tomatoes with sauce
This recipe will feed a whole troop;
In a large pot, soak the beans together overnight in water to cover.
Drain and add fresh water to cover. Cook at simmer 1 1/2 hrs. Heat a #14
DO and fry sausage until brown. Add onions and garlic. Cook over medium
heat for 5 minutes. Add all spices and cook another 5 minutes. Add
tomatoes and juice and simmer 1/2hr. Divide meat into 3 batches and
brown in a large skillet. Drain and add to tomato mixture. When the
ebans are fully cooked, drain reserving liquid, and add to DO. Salt to
taste and simmer 1hr, add bean liquid as necessary.

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