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Seasoning tip on how to prepare the chicken for chicken alfredo

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I bought the sauce in a bottle but I am not sure how to prepare the chicken before cooking it in this case,here are some reference

Chop the chicken into bite sized pieces. Heat a frying pan so it is nice and hot. Then add a little bit of decent olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper. I think that it is better for the flavor if you keep your seasonings simple. Cook the chicken in the pan until it is fully cooked and gets a little golden color.

A tip, if you are using sauce from a bottle, add a little bit of milk, pepper, and a dash of nutmeg if you have it. The bottled stuff is usually too thick and rich, it's better if you thin it out just a bit. Also, if you can, the buitoni noodles in the refridgerated aisle are WAY better than dry noodles. They are softer and they hold the sauce better. I made this for my mom on mother's day and she thought it was all from scratch. Let me know if you need more ideas!

I guess that for the reason of getting a jar of Alfredo sauce (yuck) you wanted something quick.
If you have chicken breast just poach them in some salted water for about 20 minutes on a simmer. Remove the chicken from the water and allow it to cool enough to handle the chicken. Cook your pasta in the water you poached the chicken in. Dice up your chicken, heat your sauce. After the sauce has heated add the chicken and the mix the sauce, chicken and pasta together. Save some of your pasta water just in case the sauce is to dry. Add a touch of the pasta water to loosen it up if you have too. keep the black pepper on hand cause Jarred Alfredo sauce never has enough, lol. Be ready to eat it quick cause it sets up real fast.
Good luck and good eats.

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