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Rice and Oat Groats

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Rice and Oat Groats
Source: Adapted from recipe of Joe Zhou
Agriculture Canada
Yield: 8 x ½ cup servings
* pure oat products
 cup Oat groats * 150 ml
2½ cups Water, boiling 625 ml
1 tsp Salt 5 ml
2 cups Broth (beef or
chicken), hot
500 ml
1 cup Long grain rice 250 ml
1 tbsp Butter, margarine
or oil
25 ml
1 Onion, medium
Note: oat groats are the whole-oat kernel
without the husk.
Add oat groats to boiling water. Cook on
medium low for 45 minutes. Water should
almost be absorbed.
Add hot broth and long grain rice to partially
cooked oat groats.
Cook on medium low for 20 minutes or until
water is absorbed and rice is cooked.
Melt fat in a saucepan and sauté onions until
soft. Add onions to rice and groats mixture.
Serve with chicken or beef instead of potatoes,
pasta or plain rice.
One ½ cup serving has 13 grams of oats

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