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Chocolate Fridge Cake Recipes

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Chocolate Fridge Cake Recipes


4oz brown sugar
4oz butter or margarine
3oz cocoa
2tbspn corn syrup
5oz Graham crackers (or any other biscuits you like)
2oz glace cherries, mixed nuts or raisins if you fancy


1.Place the sugar, butter or margarine, cocoa and syrup in a pan, and warm gently until the butter
   has melted, stirring well. Remove from heat, and crumble the biscuits in preparation.

2. Add the cherries, nuts or raisins, and spoon into a 1lb loaf tin. Leave in the fridge to cool.

3. If you have chocolate as well, melt some (1cup) milk chocolate in the pan, and pour over the cooled
    cake. Slice when set.

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