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Better Than Sex Cake Recipes

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Better Than Sex Cake Recipes

Ingredients.SERVES 12

1 German chocolate or other chocolate cake, baked, 13x9x2-inch
3/4 cup fudge topping
3/4 cup caramel or butterscotch topping
3/4 cup sweetened condensed milk
6 chocolate covered toffee bars
1 tub of whipped topping or 1 envelope Dream Whip, prepared with milk


1.Do not remove cake from pan. After the cake has cooled, make holes in the entire top
   of the cake using a large fork or the handle of a wooden spoon. Pour (one at a time)
   fudge, butterscotch, and condensed milk over the top of the cake and let each flavor
   soak in before adding the next.
2.Crush 3 of the candy bars and sprinkle on the top. Frost the cake with the whipped topping
   and crush the 3 remaining toffee bars to decorate the top. Try to keep your hands off of this
   great cake before serving!

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