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Oat Groat Pilaf

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Source: Sandra Henrico
Yield: 8 servings
* pure oat products
6¼ cups Boiling water 500 ml
2½ cups Whole oat groats * 625 ml
¼ cup Butter 60 ml
½ cup Onions, mince 125 ml
¼ cup Almonds, blanched, slivered 60 ml
2 tbsp Rosemary, fresh or 30 ml
2 or
2 tsp Rosemary, dried 10 ml
2 Tomatoes, medium, chopped 2
2 cups Frozen peas, cooked 500 ml
½ tsp Salt 2.5 ml
1 tsp Pepper 5 ml
Boil water, add oat groats. Turn off heat, cover
and let sit for 30 minutes. Return to heat and
bring to a rapid boil and then simmer until
tender about 35-45 minutes. There should be
enough water but check after 15 minutes of
cooking and add ½ cup more if needed.
Melt butter in frying pan, add almonds and
sauté until golden coloured, add onions and
cook until transparent.
Add cooked oat groats, fresh or dried rosemary,
tomatoes and cooked peas. Add salt and
pepper to taste. Serve warm as a side dish for a
hot meal or cool and serve cold as a salad.
Each serving has 50 grams of oats.

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