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Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Chocolate Syrup

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Makes 13 servings

    2 cups buttermilk baking mix                                   
    1 cup milk                                                     
    1 egg                                                          
    1 tablespoon sugar                                             
    1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips                             
    1/2 cup light corn syrup                                       
    2 tablespoons butter or margarine                              
    1 teaspoon unsweetened chocolate extract                       

In a medium bowl, beat baking mix, milk, egg and sugar with a wire whisk or fork until smooth.

Add chocolate chips and stir with a spoon until evenly mixed.

Place a large frying pan over medium heat until a few drops of water will jump around and disappear quickly when sprinkled into the pan. Coat the pan with oil. For each pancake, pour 1/4 cup of the batter into the frying pan. Cook until there are bubbles on the surface and the edges are cooked. You can lift the edges with a pancake turner to see if the bottoms are golden brown. Using the pancake turner, flip the pancakes and brown the other sides. Place the pancakes on a plate. Oil the pan if necessary and start again until all the batter is used. Keep the finished pancakes in a warm oven until you are ready to serve them.

In a small saucepan over medium heat, stir together corn syrup and butter or margarine with a wooden spoon until butter or margarine is melted. Remove from heat.

Stir in extract.

Serve warm over Chocolate Chip Pancakes or waffles.

Makes 1/2 cup

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