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Beef never-enoff

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Beef never-enoff

2 1/2  lbs. sirloin sliced thin
1/4    cup butter
1      8 oz. can mushrooms
1/2    cup red wine
       dash worcestershire sauce
       wide noodles
2      med. onions, chopped
1      4oz. can tomato sauce
1      tbsp. mustard
2      tbsp brown sugar
1      cup sour cream
       salt,pepper, garlic and seasoned salt

     Melt butter in heavy fry pan.  Saute
onions until light brown.  Remove from pan.
Cut steak into thin strips, across the grain
and place in pan to brown.  When meat is
browned add remaining ingredients, except
for sour cream and mushrooms.  Cook
slowly for 1 hour or until meat is tender.
Add mushrooms and sour cream and
continue cooking 20-30 minutes until
everything is tender.  Serve over wide
noodles with a green vegetable and a salad.
For even redder sauce, add 2 tbsp. tomato
paste and 2 tbsp. paprika while cooking.

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