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Easy Recipes for Peanut brittle

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Peanut brittle

3    cups white sugar
1/2  cup water
3    tsp. butter
2    tsp. soda
1    cup white corn syrup
3    cups raw peanuts
1    tsp. salt

     Use a heavy pan such as a dutch oven
and do not double the recipe.  Boil sugar, corn
syrup and water until thread spins or
temperature reaches 234 degrees on candy
thermometer.  Add peanuts and stir
continuously after peanuts are added.  Cook
until candy turns a brownish gold or
temperature reaches 305 degrees.  Mixture will
be a clear color when you start.  Take from
fire, add butter, salt and soda.  Mixture will
bubble and foam.  Mix well and pour at once
into 2 well buttered cookie sheets with sides,
spreading with spatula if needed.  You must
work fast at this point.  Let cool.  Break into
pieces when cooled.

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