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Chicken Tartare Recipes

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Chicken Tartare Recipes.Not good-looking but tasty.Try to cook it.


Ingredients (Topping) SERVES 6-8

250g chicken breast

10g anchovies

2 egg yolk

2 tomatoes , skin, deseed and dice

15g mustard

15g chopped caper

20ml olive oil

15ml lemon juice

salt and pepper to taste

shredded geen scallion to garnish

Ingredients (Pancakes)

740g plain flour

8 eggs

400g sugar

10g salt

50g yeast

1000ml milk

200g butter


1. Mix all pancake ingredients together to make batter. Fry suitable amount of batter to

     make small round pancakes. Set aside.

2. Cook the chicken breast. Cut into small cubes.

3. Mix and mash anchovies, egg yolk, olive oil, mustard, caper and lemon juice. Add diced

    tomatoes and chicken cubes. Season with salt and pepper. Stir well to make tartare topping.

4. Spoon suitable amount of tartare topping on each pancake. Garnish with shredded green

    scallion. Serve.


Spoon suitable tartare topping on pancake.

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